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Turac Foreign Trade Company

It was founded in 1987 by Mehmet Saim ALTUNBAŞ as a native company. It, especially in hunting and shooting sector within defense industry is an international corporation engaging in manufacturing and marketing of small arms and light weapons (such as pistol cartridges, shotshells, rifle cartridges and blank cartridges) to Turkey and to the whole world.

Turac provides proactively 24/7 service to its customers, through 13 seperate buildings and production facilities built on a land of 440 acres and 10.000 square meters of closed area in Sabanozu district in Cankiri province and through General Directorate and Headquarters in Ankara and Istoc branch in Istanbul and also through 3 senior management, 22 white collar and 155 blue collar with a total number of 180 employees.

Turac on a local basis, as a leader of the sector, has been exporting to 60 countries since 2009, including the USA, Russia, UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, Czech Republic Bulgaria, Thailand, Kuwait, Uruguay, Mali, India, and Pakistan. It also supplies ammunition to the military and police agencies of 20 countries. On the other hand, on a global basis, it fulfills regional representation duty in Turkey and the Middle East for manufacturers of 30 various products, semi-finished products, and raw materials.


Associations and Leagues

1. DEIK (Foreign Economic Relations Board),

2. MÜSİAD (Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association),

3. SASAD (Defense Industry Manufacturers Association),

4. SSI (Defense Industry Exporters Association),

5. NSSF (National Shooting Sports Foundation),

6. ATO (Ankara Chamber of Commerce),

7. ÇATSO (Çankırı Chamber of Industry),

8. ASO (Ankara Chamber of Industry).



1. TSE, Certificate of Conformity to Turkish Standards,

2. ISO 9001: 2008 Quality Management Certificate,

3. Facility Security Certificate,

4. CIP, Firearm Certificate.


Fairs and Programs

  1. Shot Show (Las Vegas/ABD),

  2. IWA Outdoor Classics (Nürnberg/Almanya),

  3. Arms & Hunting (Moskova/RUSYA),

  4. GDA (Kuveyt),

  5. ADIHEX (Abu Dhabi/Birleşik Arap Emirlikleri),

  6. IDEF (İstanbul/Türkiye),

  7. Milipol (Paris/Fransa),

  8. Indo Defence (Jakarta/Endonezya),

  9. Laad (Rio De Jenerio/Brezilya),

  10. Sim (Bamako/Mali),

  11. Army (Moskova/Rusya),

  12. Prohunt (İstanbul/Türkiye),

  13. MSPO (Kielce/Polonya),

  14. Game Fair (Eskişehir/Türkiye),

  15. BSMR (Ankara/Türkiye),

  16. Müsiad Expo (İstanbul/Türkiye).





In 1987, Turac Dış Tic. Ltd. Sti. started to operate as an authorized dealer and hunting dealer of M.K.E. then, in 1999, it began to import materials and therefore entered into the global market actively.

In 2000, it completely changed its marketing policy in order to meet the demands of its large number of customers in a better way and to create a wider range of services, thus it carried its market volume to the wide horizons by shifting the sales density from retail to wholesale. In this respect, it focused on market activities at a wholesale store in Tandoğan / Çankaya. in 2008 Turac set up for the first time the Turkey's largest domestic and national ammunition production plants and the storage spaces.

Within this framework, in 2009 in Çankırı Şabanözü it created STERLING and KAISER brands and produced first hunting cartridges through 13 separate buildings built on 440 acres of lands and 300 tons of explosive materials storage capacity with a total closed area of 7000 m2. In a similar way, it manufactured also blank cartridges with a brand of V.Sport in this facility. In the same year, by marketing high-quality products that it manufactured, the Turac Company started to export and to spread out all over the world.

In the same manner, within 2013 in the aforementioned region in the ammunition industry blazed a trail by establishing the first domestic and national special ammunition production plants in Turkey and in the Middle East. Subsequently, it was involved in the list of suppliers of government agency in 2013 by means of its high product quality and advanced manufacturing capacity, in addition to the projects and achievements it has achieved.

Insomuch that, Turac Company supplied pistol cartridges to the General Directorate of Security in 2013, and pistol cartridges and shotshells to the Gendarmerie General Command in 2018 and infantry rifle cartridges to the Turkish Armed Forces under the SSB (Presidency of Defense Industries) project in 2019. 

Since its foundation, Turac has been continuously striving to maximize its domestic contribution margin related to production inputs by supporting domestic and regional sub-industry and SMEs through its R & D and investments.

It has capacity to produce 140 million pistol cartridges, 230 million shotshells, 100 million blank cartridges and 45 million rifle cartridges per year. For this reason, the ERP system is used to monitor the process of supply, shipment, and logistics of all products that it manufactured. Consequently, it keeps growing and developing as a pioneer among its stakeholders with its high production capacity and professional after-sales service.



  ’’Customer Orientation“

We keep the satisfaction, wishes and expectations of our customers above everything and we always take advantage of their criticism and suggestions and also pay attention to them.

At this point, in order to establish healthy, confidential and long-term relationships with our customers, being professional and fair within the framework of courtesy rules are among our prior principles.


 “High Ethics, High Technology’’

Mutual benefits in our commercial relations, good faith and fairness are our basic principles. Global ethics and moral values are part of our corporate culture.

It should also be mentioned here; working in a system that can be controlled and repaired using advanced technology in all production stages for the perpetuation of growth and development with the awareness of ‘’A person who lives the same day is in loss’’ our most important principles, which can only be achieved by constantly controlling ourselves and economizing.


“Vision and Mission’’


Contributing to the related sector through expanding our regional and global business volume as well as implementing our plans and projects that prioritize sustainable growth.


In defense industry; in our domestic and overseas works, our ultimate objectives are maximizing our global market volume with a perfectionist and proactive approach and being a leading ammunition producer who takes pride in its achievements by producing ammunition preferred with its competitive power, reliability, and high quality. The most important point is that the cornerstone of our existence is to add power and create employment for these sacred lands from which we always attain our strength and power.


“Human Capital’’

The biggest investment for our company is human beings. In this direction, our basic principles are to provide an opportunity for our employees to continuously improve, educate and guide themselves, and to always keep their morale and motivation high. Moreover, to ensure clean, healthy and safe working conditions for our employees is a significant issue for us.

Eventually, we are proud of the experience, education, and trustworthiness of our employees who constitute and represent the concept of professionalism.



General Manager